Monopoly Plus

Welcome to the UK exclusive new release by IGT. Highly requested and already famous, the UK can now play Monopoly Plus slot online with 100 free.

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Don’t be fooled by this game’s title: the money you win here is not Monopoly money. In fact, the money you win in this game is all real.
This game is loaded with features that might have you just wanting to play it for free. Indeed, you don’t even have to be a gambler to enjoy this game.
Monopoly, of course, is the classic board game built uniquely for Capitalist children. If you like playing the board game, you’ll like playing Monopoly PLUS. The
game has five reels and 30 paylines that give you exactly 30 different ways to win. In this game, each of the 30 paylines must be activated, so you never
have to worry about a jackpot appearing on a disabled payline. The top jackpot of 1,000 coins might seem small for a game that revolves around money,
but there are so many auxiliary features in this game that can increase your winnings that you might forget entirely about the jackpot. In fact, the game
features wild symbols, scatter symbols, and two (or three) bonus features including one that lets players play on an actual Monopoly board.

To win the top jackpot of 1,000 coins, players only need to find the Mr. Monopoly symbol 5 times on a payline. Since all paylines must be active, you’ll
win no matter what payline this appears on. Of course, the jackpot is far from the best feature in the game, but it can be increased by changing the
coin values. Although it will always be equal to 1,000 coins in the game, players will be rewarded with far more if the coin value is higher.

Scatter Symbols: The scatter symbol in this game is the Board Bonus Dice symbol. It only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, but can be your ticket to huge
payouts. As the name suggests, the Board Bonus Dice symbol triggers the Board Bonus. If you get 3 of these symbols on each of the three reels on
which it can appear, you will trigger the Monopoly Board Bonus Feature. First, you have to choose between one of the three symbols on the reels. Each
symbol has a set number of rolls that you might be awarded. Then, the game will take you to a screen where you can choose a “mover” (like the car or the
thimble). After that, you go to a screen with the classic Monopoly board. There you will be allowed to roll the dice to potentially gain an insane
amount of bonus money. Indeed, each square on the board is worth something.

If you land on a property, you’ll be given a cash bonus as well as a chance to spin the reels on a mini-slot game. The value of the property triggers
potentially higher payouts in the mini-slot bonus. For instance, landing on Boardwalk will be more lucrative than landing on Connecticut Avenue.

If you land on a utility, you’ll be awarded with a single roll of two dice. Depending on the combined value of those dice, you could end up with as much
as 1,500 times your initial bet. Of course, that would require a roll of two 6’s. You must at least get a combined value of 7 in the utility bonus in order to
in a multiplier.

If you land on a Community Chest or Chance square, you have the opportunity to be moved to any property, utility, or the GO square.
You also have the chance of being awarded money, extra rolls, or a trip to jail.

If you land on a railroad, you immediately advance to the next railroad and earn an extra all.

If you land on Free Parking, you’ll be given an extra roll.

If you end up in jail, you’ll start the “Jail Bonus.” You’ll be given three chances to roll doubles to get yourself out of jail. If you roll doubles once in
your three attempts, you’ll be released from jail and given a 300-times bonus of your initial bet.

If you end up in jail, you’ll start the “Jail Bonus.” You’ll be given three chances to roll doubles to get yourself out of jail. If you roll doubles once in your three
attempts, you’ll be released from jail and given a 300-times bonus of your initial bet. Passing or landing on the GO square will net you 200 times your
initial bet. Just like in the actual board game, you don’t get this bonus if you pass the square on your way to jail.

The Luxury Tax, Super Tax, and Just Visiting squares are worthless.

Rolling doubles in the board bonus will get you an extra spin. Total spins in the board bonus top out at 50.

If that wasn’t enough, the game also features a Level Up Plus Feature, which lets you gain extra bonuses the more you get to the board bonus. You start
out at the “Entrepreneur” level but you can rise up to “Leader,” “Executive,” “Luminary,” “Baron,” and, finally, “Tycoon.” Each new level comes with
new bonus prizes. You can only level up as a result of gaining experience in the board bonus feature.

Wild Symbols: Mr. Monopoly also acts the wild symbol in this game. He can be used to complete winning combinations on any payline by substituting for
any symbol (except for the Board Bonus Dice symbol). But, again, this game outdoes itself with bonus features. There’s a Mystery Wild Bonus Feature
that can be activated spontaneously if no scatter symbols or wild symbols appear on the reels. If the bonus feature is triggered, Mr. Monopoly will walk
out onto the reels and turn an entire reel wild. He can even “monopolize” the reels by making everything wild for potentially gigantic payouts. The jackpot
of 1,000 coins definitely seems small, but if you every reel is turned wild, you’ll get a jackpot on every single payline.

Other Symbols:
Buildings: Just like the board game, Monopoly PLUS features both houses and hotels. Used in the real game to charge extra money to unwitting
tenants, houses and hotels in the slot game have the chance to net players big wins. Five hotel symbols on a payline will be
worth 750 coins while five house symbols can net you up to 500 coins.

Game Squares: The railroad, electric company, and water works are featured as their own symbols. They each have top payouts of 150 coins for five in a row.
Game Tokens: The classic dog, car, and top hat tokens round out the ancillary symbols. They each have top payouts of 100 coins apiece.

Betting Limits:
As noted previously, players must place at least a 30-coin bet for every spin. But that doesn’t mean they have to break the bank to do so.
Coin values in this game start as low as 0.01 for a true minimum bet of 0.30 in your preferred currency. For high-rollers, the game allows players
to value coins as high as 10.00 apiece for a top bet of 300.00 in real money. Of course, this would vastly increase
the value of the otherwise puny 1,000-coin jackpot.

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